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List of Clothesfor makeyourlist  
9:49:00, August 31st, 2008
John Henry Holliday, DDS
A list of clothes from crown to soles (late August, Colorado):

1. Grey round-crowned narrow-brimmed beaver-felt hat with coloured silk band.
2. Pastel striped linen shirt with a soft collar.
3. Gold cufflinks set with a small diamond.
4. Thin white woollen vest.
5. Coloured silk cravat with diamond stickpin.
6. Tailored and slim-fitting high-buttoned dove grey fine wool suit jacket.
7. Large dark grey thick woollen coat with fur collar.
8. Leather thong with a pouch and razor.
9. Coloured silk braces.
10. Thick silk brocade waistcoat.
11. Webley double action, ring-triggered boot revolver.
12. Silver pocket watch.
13. Gold chain and fob of a plain locket containing pictures of himself and Mattie.
14. Leather chest harness holster.
15. Colt Lightning, double-action, nickel-plated and engraved.
16. Spring-loaded belt holster.
17. Colt Thunderer, double-action, nickel-plated and engraved.
18. Money belt, worn beneath shirt and trousers.
19. Tailored suit trousers in dove grey.
20. Linen drawers.
21. Dove grey sock braces.
22. Dark grey woollen socks.
23. Patent leather cap-toed oxfords.
24. Dove-grey spats.

His jewellery varies - rings and so forth that he does not really count as clothing. Professionally, he always carries the pocket dental office he made in Dodge as well as tooth brushes and silk floss. He always has a deck of cards and usually carries a Faro set. In his waistcoat he also carries his mother's last letter, which becomes illegible over the years. His shoes vary as well - sometimes he has boots, half-boots, elastic-sided shoes, depending on fashion. His outerwear is dependant upon the season and location. He is not beyond wearing a grey cloak or will have a great-coat, duster or town coat with a mantle. I have what may, or may not, be a photo of him in a coat as described above.

List items: 24
affect: well-groomedwell-groomed
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18:07:08, August 31st, 2008 (UTC)
I love all the detail, like the color dove grey. Just wow. People wore so much back then! I like how he seems like a very finely groomed gentleman indeed. It shows how well you know your subject.
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