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Writers Muses Character Dossiers, Prompt sets 32 - 49  
9:50:00, August 14th, 2008
John Henry Holliday, DDS

1. What does he or she actively work to gain or keep or protect - not merely say is important, but actually invest time and emotion in - money, fame, family, love, country, revenge, etc.
2. How would he or she describe himself or herself if totally honest?
3. In a single word, how would YOU the author (or Mun) sum up this character/muse's attitude toward the world, interested, optimistic, defeated, Exploitive, compassionate dissatisfied, power mad, controlling, happy, etc.
4. Would your character or muse agree with your assessment
5. Why or Why not?
He thinks hard about principles and tries to live by them.
6. What is his or her earliest memory?
Reading with his mother on her lap
7. If they were to suddenly become much richer, what he or she do with the money?
Carry on much the same. There is nothing he wants. Perhaps he would give more money away.
8. Yes, I realise I have mysteriously added an extra number.
9. What is his or her stated dream in life?
He is dying and doesn't really have a dream or any anticipation of living much further. Perhaps to continue to become better and better at what he does, become more and more worthy of his friends.
10. What does he or she really long for?
11. What event are they most afraid of possibly happening?
Jail and being beaten to death
12. Who does he or she in their wildest deepest soul really love best in the whole world?
Wyatt Earp
13. What would he or she be willing to die for if anything?
Friends, or principles
14. What does he or she believe about God?
He absolutely believes in God.
15. About the purpose of life?
He believes the purpose of his life is to learn and become worthy of one's friends. That one should do good in the world, protect, or heal according to one's lights. And learn and study to become more capable, and simply more.
16. About an afterlife?
He believes he will go to Heaven where he will be with those he loves until the end of time. He has some questions and fears though. Notably about those he loves who do not believe in Heaven and those who do not believe they deserve to go to Heaven. Because he wants to see them again.
17. Bedtime: Does he or she go to bed consistently at the same time?
18. What Time?
04:00 - He puts it off as long as possible.
19. With Whom?
By himself, sadly.
20. When does Bedtime Occur at a different Time?
Sometimes he plays much later. Sometimes he is ill and must go to bed earlier, but he usually resists this.
21. Do they fall asleep right away?.
No, it is very difficult for him to fall asleep due to fever and difficulty breathing
22. If No What is He doing in the meantime? Reading? Watching TV? Sex? Tossing and Turning?
Tossing and turning, dreaming, thinking.
23. How Much do they enjoy this activity
He finds the fever very interesting, but not so much that he desires it.
24. Does He or She dream a lot, little or never?
He dreams a great deal, mixed with fever.
25. Are most of his or her dreams scary, pleasant, sexual,etc?
He dreams of his loved ones - sometimes those of whom he has been thinking, sometimes it is a surprise. These are usually solemn, sometimes scary, sometimes pleasant, sometimes sexual.
26. Is any one dream recurrent (yes/no)
He has several recurring dreams, but mostly they are different.
27. Does your character sleep peacefully throughout the night. Restlessly or very badly?
Once he gets to sleep it is not so bad, but if he wakes it is hard to get to sleep again. And often he spends the whole night half-asleep.
28. Would He or She rather be doing something else?
29. If so, What?
He liked being a dentist. He also has a great desire to teach.
30. How long and hard is the work day?
It is perhaps twelve hours, or as he wishes. He may take breaks of any length as he wishes. It is intellectually, socially and manually demanding but not physically demanding.
40. Does he stop for lunch?
41. Where?
A lunch counter. Or sometimes he takes lunch at the table. Or he will go to a restaurant if he feels so inclined.
42. With Whom?
Other sporting men or by himself. Ideally with friends.
43. Does He or She Enjoy the Meal?
He enjoys the meal if it is good. He notices his food and enjoys sensation.
44. What Goes on During Dinner? (Conversation? Fighting? Reading?)
If he is alone card practice in the form of patience goes on during dinner. If others are present this is combined with conversation. If there is no break and the game is poker there may be fighting. Faro does not normally inspire fighting.
45. Who Cleans up?
The staff of the eating establishment.
46. What does your Character do on a typical Evening?
Works dealing Faro or playing poker at a saloon. Ideally he enjoys performances or the theatre, music. Usually he will take a break from the tables for such activities if they are available.
47. Where?
A theatre or saloon as above. Occasionally he enjoys visiting friends.
48. With Whom?
Idealy friends, or with fellow sporting men or alone.
49. How Much Does He or She Enjoy it?
John enjoys it. He is proud of his skill. He loves close conversation and values his friends. He goes to the theatre because he enjoys it very much indeed.
50. What Would they prefer to be doing?
He is fairy happy. If he is not with his friends he would prefer to be with them. But he also needs time alone for practice.
51. Why Doesn't He or She Do That?
He does. he is quite self-defining.
52. Is the Evening Atmosphere, Pleasant? Calm? Tense? Frenetic? Wary Fun etc?
It is thoughtful with his friends, warm ideally. At the theatre it is cheerful, merry or refined. At work it can be calm, it can be tense, it can be hurried - it is disciplined with an effort of social insouciance and inscrutability.
53. Do they look forward to or resent the day ahead?
He varies. Mostly he is slightly surprised. He appreciates a great deal and looks forward to small sensual things. Generally he looks forward to the day - is ever-hopeful. But some days he cannot summon this and feels discouraged and weary. Again, it depends largely on his health.
54. Does he or she give the job honest attention and effort?
Yes, John is extremely diligent, even in his spare time.
55. Does He or She enjoy what they do?
56. Why?
He is good at it and he is free to live on his own terms. It is also lucrative and he enjoys the atmosphere.
57. Is he or She good at this job?
He is exceptionally good at it, due to innovation and practice.
Sleep: Who does the character sleep with in the same bed?
No one. He is lonely, so he regrets it, but he knows he would be a poor sleeping companion due to the fever, tossing, restlessness, so he is resigned if disappointed.
58. What time do they wake up?
59. What wakes them up? (alarm? Dog? Rooster? Wife? Lover? Hunger?A Hangover?)
Custom. It is not an exact time but an approximate one.
60. What do they do during breakfast? (Read? Talk? Feed Kids?)
Read, practice, write.
61. Dressing: Is it a big deal to get ready in the morning?
Yes, John actually enjoys getting ready in the morning. He likes to shave, to bathe, to comb his hair. He likes his clothes and cares for them.
62. How does this character get along with their spouse or lover(s)?
He would do absolutely anything for them.
63. Best Friend?
A best friend is not so different from a lover to John.
64. Children?
He likes children very much and is very interested in their education. He is not especially brilliant about talking with them about other subjects. He fails at chit-chat, even with children.
65. Parents?
He loves his mother, would do anything for her. His father he resents bitterly.
66. Siblings?
He hasn't any. His cousins though, fall into the category of lovers/best friends so he would do anything for them.
67. Opposite Sex?
He has a strict code of formality, which he follows. But sometimes a woman is so warm and spontaneous he can forget this despite his upbringing.
68. Neighbours?
His neighbours tend to dislike him as he doesn't behave as expected. His landlord and hotel staff regard him as quiet and work with him easily.
69. People more successful than he or she is?
He doesn't care if people are more or less successful than he. Station is nothing to him. He either likes people or lets them blend into the slightly irritating collection of humanity.
70. Less Successful than he or she is?
If they are less successful than he and he values them he will help them. He is generous and feels responsible for others.
71. What kind of Car (or Horse or other mode of transportation)
He has no especial horse or vehicle of his own, hiring them or paying for fares. He loves to travel, is fond of the stage and dedicated to the railroads.
72. Colour
There are other considerations for an animal more important than colour.
73. Drive / Ride Fast or Slow / Obey Traffic Laws
He tends to ride quickly and happily if he is well, otherwise slowly.
74. Chronology of Actions from start of story to end)
Shortly: born, learned to speak read etc, war, Mattie, mother died, excellent school, dental college, dentist, tuberculosis, Dallas, vagrant sporting man, killer, Wyatt, friendship, vagrant sporting man, tuberculosis, death
75. Attitudes about Money, (Prudent, Cautious and Saves, Spends, debt? Criminal activities to support bad spending habits)
He likes to have money, to be able to earn it after the war. He also likes to be in control of how he earns it, is much happier self-employed. He is not especially frugal or cautious. He is generous. As long as he has money he does not think of it too much and he takes pleasure in the fact that he has this luxury.
76. Dancing? Do they Enjoy it?
John learned to dance in his old beloved South. He is graceful and enjoys it very much. He favours the two-step.
77. Theatre?
John loves the theatre. Eddie Foy was his friend and he attended as one of his greatest pleasures.
78. Outdoors?
No especial attachment or lack there of. He likes summer, certain smells of trees and flowers. He likes the ocean very much - he is attracted to it as living symbol. And he will argue that the ocean lives.
79. What activities?
For that matter he loves swimming in general. He likes to shoot, naturally, and to ride.
80. Traumas, Psychological Scars from the Past
The war; tuberculosis; losing friends, relatives, country, reputation, profession, health. Um, anything else?
81. Clothing Styles, favourite outfits
Close buttoned tailored woollen suits, silk brocade waistcoats, silk cavats, spats, grey, round-crowned narrow-brimmed hats, linen shirts with pastel stripes, soft collars, fur-trimmed formal coats, cloaks
82. Favourite Pet Sayings / Words / Idiolect:
Surely, Alas, Forgive me, T ell me,
83. Speaking Style (Talkative, taciturn, soft spoken, loud, formal, casual, accent, fast, slow, etc)
John varies quite widely depending on how he is feeling from voluble to taciturn.
84. Philosophy on Life
Nulli virtute secundus
85. Type and Number of Close Friends
Not many. Again they vary quite widely from whores and street urchins to governors and generals.
86. Most Crucial Experience (or experiences that helped to mould character's personality or attitude)
The war, becoming a dentist and losing that profession, meeting Wyatt
87. Home (apartment, tenement building, high rent, low rent, etc.)
88. Décor, how do they live? Clean? Neat? Expensive Comfortable? Attractive?
He keeps everything scrupulously tidy and neat.
89. Neighbourhood
John follows the gambling circuit. He likes the great railway hotels. but his neighbourhood is essentially the West.
90. Drinks Alcohol? How often?
Oh yes. Every few moments.
91. Favourite Alcoholic Drink
Scotch, neat. Scapa.
92. Favourite Meal
Steak with glazed beans and almonds, mashed potatoes, a salad, cream soup, and peach caramel pie with ice cream for dessert.
93. Diet (Rich, low fat, cholesterol, restaurant, etc)
John eats at restaurants, lunch counters and saloons. His landlady serves him a nice breakfast each day, with biscuits. He loves biscuits.
94. Favourite Restaurant/Ethnic Food
He is amused by spaghetti
95. Grooming
Again, he loves to bathe, wash, shave and brush his teeth. He likes his hair and takes good care of it. His moustache is fine and tidily trimmed.
96. Posture and Movement: Walk, etc.
This is dependent on his health. He wishes and tries to have dynamic and upright posture. 'Straight as an arrow' they said. But sometimes he cannot and leans on his cane, bent with the weight of gravity 'in the slumped posture characteristic of those with terminal lung disease.'
97. Attributes about Character that are appealing to the Opposite Sex
He is flawlessly courteous, attentive and 'gentle with the ladies' as his grandfather advised him. He also fancies his hair and dresses well.
98. Sexual Turn Ons
John is shy about talking about these. He doesn't expect much. Oh, he loves sex. But he also loves close talk and accomplishment perhaps as much. He likes it when someone plays with his hair just at the back of his neck. He is rarely touched. Any touch is electric if he likes someone, feels close. He's not going to tell me more than that just now. For everything, it depends on the person.
99. Sexual Turn Offs
Again it depends entirely on the person. He generally dislikes criticism, orders, anger, violence. He dislikes squalor.
100. Hobbies
Not hobbies so much as professions.
101. Interests
Not interests so much as professions.
102. Sports
He tries to be interested in horse-racing and boxing because Wyatt was so keen, but those are not his own. He is relatively disengaged. Ah, he loves swimming, since he was a boy.
103. Favorite Music
He likes Thomas More, songs of the Confederacy, Chopin and piano music, Beethoven and the 9th Symphony with the words by Schiller, Gilbert and Sullivan, comic songs after the manner of vaudville, modern music depending on the timeline. Actually his taste is eclectic
104. Favorite Travel Destination
John travelled as a way of life. His own family was in Georgia, but he was not free to travel. And how could he return, so changed? Wyatt's family was in California, but he was not free to travel. He loved the great railway hotels, the railways themselves. Perhaps California and the sea.
105. Pets - Do they have any? If so what?
No. How would he look after a pet?
106. How do they treat pets? Wild animals, etc.
It was a different time, and animals were useful, were game, were nuisances. He has an owl in RP-land, and he likes rabbits through RP. He likes dogs, played with them as a boy, likes horses, but is too responsible to own one.
107. Income
He is a sporting man and very very good at his profession. For his time he is wealthy, but by no means a millionaire. Later when he grew too ill to work, he was utterly destitute.
108. Sense of Humor (None, dry, understated, witty, radical, dirty, etc)
109. Fears (name three)
Being beaten
Hurting his friends
Losing his friends
110. Manias
No, he is quite rational.
111. Physical Illnesses or Afflictions
Tuberculosis, occasional pneumonia.
112. Opinion on Abortion
Yes. For the child.
113. Opinion on Environmental Issues
No concept of environmental issues
114. Opinion on Homosexuality
115. Opinion on Military Intervention
116. Opinion on Progress
117. Opinion on Crime and Gun Control
Crime: No, Gun Control: No. Depending on the time of his life.
118. Opinion on Capitol Punishment
119. Opinions Particular to Character
Depend entirely on the person. For himself: Virtue, diligence, loyalty, honesty, readiness
120. Political Party (ie. Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Marxist, Monarchist, etc.)
Varies on person and policy.
121. Liberal, Conservative, Middle of the Road, Radical
122. Things that Make Uncomfortable or Embarrass
Physical vulnerability
123. Most Painful Things in One's Life
Loss of involvement with the lives of his loved ones
124. Ever Been Arrested (if so, for what?)
Vagrancy, gambling, assault, murder
125. Arrests, and Convictions: (For what, for how long and sentences received)
As above. Sentences consisted of fines, remand, and finally restriction to Colorado.
126. Political or Social Issues Most Important to Them.
127. Introvert or Extrovert?
It depends on how much he drinks and the content and context of interaction. He is capable of either.
128. IQ
129. Method of Handling Anger or Rage (Repress? Throw Things? etc.)
John expresses anger directly and immediately, or he is quiet, keeps his own counsel and eliminates the cause.
130. Years of Schooling
Major and Minor Studies in College (if applicable)
Dentistry, with his thesis entitled Diseases of the Teeth
Grades achieved in school
High - he was an excellent student
Special Occupational Training
Apprenticeship with a preceptor.
Skills, Abilities and Talents (Name at least four)
Dentistry, cards, guns, piano, singing
Areas of Expertise (Name at least three)
Dentistry, cards, guns
Dentist. All right, Sporting man
Past Occupations (list as many as you like)
Dentist, sporting man, lawman, hired gun, saloon-keeper,dry-goods store worker. He hated this last but was reliable nonetheless.
Military Experience
None. Does law enforcement or employment by the railroads as a soldier count?
131. Short Term Goals (name three)
None - he is dying. In the meantime he still hopes for friendship.
132. What event is your Muse most afraid of possibly happening? What would they do if their worst fears came to pass?
He is afraid of being taken to jail in Arizona and beaten to death either on the way their or by jailers and 'lawmen' in Arizona. He wouldn't do anything after that. He would be dead.
133. What does he or she believe about God? What about the purpose of their life? What are their personal religious beliefs? Do they believe in an afterlife?
He believes in God, that the purpose of one's life is to learn and become worthy of one's friends. That one should do good in the world, protect, or heal according to one's lights. And learn and study to become more capable of that. He is Catholic but adapts the official beliefs to his own. He is an original thinker. He believes in the afterlife, as stated, as a place where he will see his loved ones again and enjoy their company to the end of days.
134. Who does your Muse trust and why? Whom do they distrust and why? How were these relationships formed? Pick one or more and elaborate on it.
He doesn't know any more. He is confused by trust, faith and hope.

Name: John H. Holliday, DDS.
Fandom: History.
Word Count: Unknown
Please comment if you wish.
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