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badcompany_muse introduction  
19:10:00, August 9th, 2008
John Henry Holliday, DDS
John Holliday, at your service. Most, but not all, call me Doc. I used to be a dentist. Now I am a sporting man. Some say I am an outlaw, and I will admit that I have been. Yes, I have killed, but I consider it justified. My life is as much to me as any man's, though it is forfeit. I have tuberculosis. For that I take scotch and whiskey, which I am pleased to share. I spurn laudanum, for it will dull my wits and reactions. My vocation now is to deal Faro, on the gambler's circuit. Poker is also lucrative, if you wish a game. I am from Georgia, though I am not welcome to return. I grew up during the war. I value my friends and my family. My family motto is Nulli virtute secundus and I do my best.

John was a complex and definite man of will. He was an original thinker and absolutely unapologetic. He acted as he thought best, defying any convention or expectation, and he made mistakes. His character was sterling and he was remarkably diligent and persistent. He was absolutely loyal and would forgive any darkness or crime with generous spirit. Conversely he was a harsh judge and gunman with no compunction against killing when he deemed it necessary or desirable.

While his friends were baffled as to why he was so unpopular, the others about him were baffled as to how he could hold friends. He made a living taking advantage of those less competent than he, and drank constantly. Wyatt said he was a good companion when he was drinking, but when he drank too much he became imprudent in the extreme and when he drank too little he was angry and despondent. His flawless courtesy masked a profound disdain and he was never one to hold his tongue unless his loved ones demanded it.

It is true he loved, but he also hated and more often he despised others. Jealousy also marked all his relations. This was the one thing of which he was ashamed and seemed incapable of controlling, despite himself. I have for the most part glossed over these aspects of his character in his musings and in his relations with others. Even the virtues he held highly could be weapons and I have not always been successful at showing them as such. There are some of his flaws and imperfections I have written of more than others in role-playing and writing prompts, but I have tended to avoid others, and I have applied to Bad Company to develop him in an atmosphere created for such exploration.

John is interested in role-playing, in interaction. He is social and friendly. As described, he is always glad to offer scotch.
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