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Inexperienced!John with pinkhairedauror  
20:15:00, July 4th, 2008
John Henry Holliday, DDS
John felt comfortable with magic. The busy Lupin house, laced and peppered with every-day spells was treated sometimes with matter-of-factness, sometimes with an air of production to amuse or amaze him. And he was enchanted by the small things. As much out of his element in the electronic and gas-powered world as the wizarding world, he cheerfully accepted and admired every innovation, every effect with quiet intrigued curiosity.

A magical oven made as much sense to him as a modern oven - there was no fire, wood to cut, matches. The mechanism for heat as invisible and non-intuitive for him in either case. He was more at home in a wizarding environment where at least heat and light sources were familiar. Quills made more sense to him more than biros, books were more prevalent than television, and brooms and creatures were more personal and secure than cars - almost like horses. It was a relief to visit the Lupins and step out of the technological confusion of the 21st century.

The thing he found strangest was the little port-key Remus had given him. He had at first thought he had meant porch key, as one often mishears and takes unexpected words for expected ones. He had thought perhaps he was to let himself in before they arrived to sit quietly on a couch perhaps, rather than hovering nervously on the path - a very trusting and warm gesture on Remus' part and he had smiled inside. It had been explained to him, but somehow he still saw it as a porch key.

When he had handled it, as instructed only upon starting out, he had sprung, been sucked dizzyingly, seemed to disintegrate, seemed to simultaneously be flung into the air and dropped from a great height. "What...?" He landed in the garden on a soft mossy hillock, tumbling a little, harmlessly. He lost his grasp on his case as he arrived, but it had apparently arrived safely with him.

Tonks was there in the garden, picking flowers, changing the colours to please her. He was a little worried, but she left them hovering in the air as she came herself laughing to offer her hand to help him up. He was sitting on the mound, legs stretched out, looking for his luggage. His eyes and mouth and left eye both formed round O's, but when he saw her cheerful brightness his face cleared. He laughed with her, happily, at the wonder of sudden transportation and her warm welcome.

"You'll need some practice with that, I think!"

"It was just amazing!"
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8:46:24, July 5th, 2008 (UTC)
(Delete if I wasn't supposed to comment here)

Very cute. Just so cute. I think it makes sense too, since the wizarding world's technology seems a bit backwards compared to modern technology. But I liked how curious and enthralled John was with everything. Awesome. XP
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3:03:46, July 6th, 2008 (UTC)
John Henry Holliday, DDS: me mirror
Well, thank you very much! Of course you can comment here - or anywhere! We love to have comments! <3 *beams*
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