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50drabbles. table 11. 13. Dancing Girls - Child Cousins  
21:11:00, June 18th, 2008
John Henry Holliday, DDS
John, 6, sat on the white bench, nightshirt still-crisp, hair damp-curled from his bath. The sky changed colour, making everything seem cool, magical. His parents were gone, uncles, aunt. Eunice and Melissa were caring for him, his four young cousins, as a treat.

The girls played Blind Man's Buff on the big porch for once in their nightdresses, spinning, turning, swaying, dodging lightly. The blindfolded girl found another, touched her face, hair, guessed which child, the taller ones crouching to hide their height. John watched. Mattie looked to him, smiling, as she danced gracefully. He fell in love.

Year: 1857
affect: lovedloved
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