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meme from tonks and lucius  
23:27:00, June 11th, 2008
John Henry Holliday, DDS
Give me a story I never wrote ( crack!AUs, crossovers, etc. totally a GO! as well as any of my characters you know of or you know I could write (even Henry though I am not up to the Greek)), and I'll give you a line from it. You can tag more than once if you would like more stories!

Yes! I will limit myself to a line! I can do it!

Having troubles writing lately. It will pass. Meantime, this is fun!
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9:28:18, June 12th, 2008 (UTC)
How about an easy one. Something close to Doc's heart:

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6:19:05, June 13th, 2008 (UTC)
John Henry Holliday, DDS
Mattie's letters arrive every two weeks. When he's been especially voluble, enthusiastic, or troubled she writes every week. He doesn't open a letter at once but saves it in his waistcoat. The slight crinkle is a small pleasure, an anticipation, an excitement that makes his heart thud, his lips turn up at odd moments. There will be something wonderful. He is never disappointed. Mattie is understanding, inspiring, with unshakeable faith, even in John. He reads as if from within her light shining from Heaven. Even in exile, even though she's given to God, her warm love and presence comfort him.

No, we couldn't really write only one line, so we're doing drabbles of exactly 100 words.

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21:52:01, June 16th, 2008 (UTC)
Beautiful and very Doc. I wish Doc would write more about Mattie, but it is understandable why he wouldn't.

Thank you for writing it.
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