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meme from several people now...  
13:38:00, April 19th, 2008
John Henry Holliday, DDS
I haven't answered this meme. I really only know one of your characters, mostly, and that one is the obvious one. Or I have asked you this before. Especially as it is usually the first thing I ask. But I still fail to have a ready answer to the question Why John? So I will try to save it here. Again, there is nothing to ask me. It will be John. For my amusement, his, and perhaps yours, I will answer in 100 words.

Name a character that you know I write or have written, and I'll tell you:
a. What initially prompted me to like the character enough to write about him/her.
b. One of his/her best traits.
c. One of his/her worst traits.
d. How easy/difficult I find it to write the character.
e. The story/thread/chapter/post/paragraph/tag/phrase where I feel that I truly captured the character.
f. My plans (if any) to write the character in the near future.

a. John dedicated himself to his code of honour with unfaltering tenacity. With debilitating disease, he rode, worked, and fought, leaping again and again to the defence of anything in which he believed. He was always an alien, as product of another place and culture, and created alienation by knowingly giving himself fully to what he valued and throwing all else away. He lived in depression without accepting pity. He was sensitive with wholehearted and unapologetic love. He was wistful and appreciative with shaking hands; a killer and his hands were true. His diligence was constant, as he sought the horizon.
b. Commitment (to principles, to actions, to learning)
c. Jealousy
d. I don't write John, I just listen. It is either easy to write him or impossible.
e. These are for my reference, maybe. First young John:
Bringing Thomas Home
Leaving Georgia
Then older John:
The Tombstone Cycle
Then feverish John:
Magic Mirror
John Dreams
f. Everything for John. I shall continue much as I have been. I am trying to write more stories. He hopes for RP. Somehow I will figure out how to do that for him, with luck and an absence of poor management.
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