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John's songlist  
22:05:00, February 26th, 2008
John Henry Holliday, DDS
These songs are alphabetical.
If you would like any songs to download, just let me know.
These are songs John likes, songs he thinks represent him.

1. Chopin's Nocturne Number 1 in Bb Opus 9 Number 1 - Adam Harasiewicz no lyrics
John’s mother was a piano teacher, and this is his favourite piece to play. If there is a piano and he plays for you, this is what he will play, unless something else is imperative.
2. Dixie - Bittersweet and Briers lyrics
A song of the Confederacy. I have never managed to find a recording of Stonewall Jackson’s Way or it would also appear here.
3. The Man that Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo - Del Monico Four lyrics
An old sporting man’s song, slightly after John’s time, but he is still fond of it.
4. The Bonnie Blue Flag - Douglas Jimerson lyrics
Another song of the Confederacy.
5. Today Is the Highway - Eric Andersen lyrics
Did someone say wanderlust?
6. Trumpets - Flipsyde lyrics
This is my song to John. The lyrics alone do not do it justice
7. Look at Me - John Lennon lyrics
Sometimes John feels like this. Humble and giving.
8. The Harp that Once through Tara's Halls - John McDermott lyrics
A song of Long Ago. These are by Thomas Moor and real John and his mother surely sang and played them.
9. On the Atcheson, Topeka and the Santa Fe - Knights Bridge lyrics
John loved the railway. This particular railway was the enterprise of one Cyrus K. Holliday, and John himself fought for them in the railroad wars for rights of way in the Royal Gorge.
10. Gabriel - Lamb lyrics
John and Gabriel, John strong and daring to want.
11. Farewell but Whenever You Welcome the Hour - Mary O'Hara lyrics
If John has a song, it is this one. A song of Long Ago he truly sang. Thomas Moor again, from his time, that speaks of his passing
12. Gathering Storm - Matewan Soundtrack no lyrics
Acapella. Oh yes, john considers himself worthy, but... mostly it is the woman’s voice he likes. The lyrics are not really necessary. See Matewan. It is a great movie.
13. Walk On - Neil Young lyrics
Carrying on despite reputation.
14. John Saw that Number - Neko Case lyrics
John dreams. Again, the song is more than the lyrics.
15. Cross My Heart - Phil Ochs lyrics
Sacrifice. Despite, well, anything. I’m going to give all that I’ve got to give. Cross my heart. And I hope to live.
16. Lou Marsh - Phil Ochs lyrics
Fighting for others, despite them. An action movie.
17. Power and Glory - Phil Ochs lyrics
What are we fighting for? A great patriotic song, and John was very patriotic...
18. There But for Fortune - Phil Ochs lyrics
I could have been you. And you could have been me.
19. If I Should Fall from Grace with God - The Pogues lyrics
The worst that could happen.
20. Streams of Whiskey - The Pogues lyrics
Scotch and being adrift.

21. Children of Darkness - Richard and Mimi Fariña lyrics
Dover Beach. A dream of not being lost.
22. Pack Up Your Sorrows - Richard and Mimi Fariña lyrics
Something John would give.
23. Raven Girl - Richard and Mimi Fariña no lyrics seemingly on the net(!)
Oh, Death sounds so pretty in its darkness.
24. Kathleen Mavourneen - Rick Garland and Bill Vitelli lyrics
Another of John’s Songs of Long Ago. Another farewell, though it is not of John. This is his list, after all.
25. The Minstrel Boy - Rick Garland and Bill Vitelli lyrics
Sacrifice. In a Song of Long Ago.
26. Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkle lyrics
John giving, again.
27. Suo Gan - Steffan Rhys no lyrics necessary – it is in Welsh, haunting and beautiful. Unearthly in its sadness yet compelling.
28. How to Save a Life - Steve Acho lyrics
John wants to know this more than anything. John to you.
29. Gabriel's Message - Three of Cups lyrics ignore the format, please and thank you. It was hard to find.
30. Black Sheep Boy - Tim Hardin lyrics
Just what it says. Displacement and exile.
31. Ramblin' Boy - Tom Paxton lyrics
Wyatt of John, maybe. He would like to think so.
32. Caledonia - Dougie McLean lyrics
Exile. Remembering. Missing.
33. Les Flammes D'Enfer - Jambalaya Cajun Band lyrics
The Flames of Hell. Pray for me. And a Song from John’s South. He had French relations.
34. Behind Blue Eyes - The Who lyrics
This is John’s song as much as Farewell but Whenever.... Perhaps it is your song as well.
35. Southron's Battle Cry of Freedom - 2nd South Carolina String Band lyrics
Another song of the Confederacy
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3:47:18, March 2nd, 2008 (UTC)
John Henry Holliday, DDS
The trouble is that we only really know about men's clothing.
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4:08:15, March 2nd, 2008 (UTC)
John Henry Holliday, DDS: ventriloquist
If you want to do drag I have Everything in a variety of sizes. And more than welcome. I've a very nice period green jacket that I am sure would fit you. I am hoping to be over there before then - I could bring things. I'd even let you wear my hat if it fit you. The crystal broke on my pocket watch, but I think I have a modern battery one.
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