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11 to 20 of the writer's fanfic questions  
23:37:00, February 16th, 2008
John Henry Holliday, DDS
11. What was the first fandom you wrote for? Do you still write for it?
That would be John. Obviously I still write him. Type for him.

12. Name your OTPs and explain what it is about them you love to write. Yes. Relationships in general.
I... don’t know. I Hate things where one must select some people over others. If John loves you, he will tell you. He is shy but cannot stop from telling you. Me? I follow John. If John loves it is like all the world opens in visions and beauty. He is so lonely, rejects so much, that when he does love Heaven opens. And I am filled with joy as I look to see why, what it is, what it means, who he loves. Even if his love is just pain. He loves not to be loved but to love. To wonder. To feel. To remember. It is amazing to him. And to me.

13. What would you call your writing style?
I have a writing style? I have nothing to say here. Honestly, I don’t think about it. I just write.

14. Do you read other people's fan fiction? If so, what do you find yourself reading the most?
I read my friends. That cannot be a surprise. Your writing is why I made you my friends. I look for certain other things, sometimes. I read the fandoms that I know. I read randomly in case I am missing something. That is probably how I found you.

15. Name one thing you'd love to write but have been too afraid or too shy to do.
LJ’s rules make me nervous. I wrote the piece about Kate finally and the world did not cave in upon me. In fact, no one noticed, so... good. Writing is strange. Sometimes I am afraid to write the most inoccuous things. At other times I can do anything without worrying. Lives turn and change. One feels differently on different days. John was impetuous, sudden and extreme. He hated and killed. It is a side I do not show, but it is a side that existed, played up in the media, the things I have written played down. I keep him from people who would antagonise him. I should be more brave. I do not think I am too shy to write sex or violence in general. I’ve done both. The former simply does not come up much. Tuberculosis doesn’t promote it. And the latter occurs as appropriate. Today is not one of the braver days, and I am ashamed.

16. Do you feel uncomfortable taking criticism? Or worse, do you have the dreaded bloated ego?
No! Please give me advice. I cannot promise to take it if I disagree, but please tell me. I take comments seriously, consider them, weigh them and value them. I can say ‘no.’ I can also change everything, with illumination. One cannot grow alone. I want to learn, I want to do well. I want to speak to you. I want to show you John and ideas. I want John to interact better especially – with more truth and less fear. He wants to learn. He wants to give himself. He wants to see your soul.

As far as egomania, John always says that Pride Is a Virtue!

17. When you write, is there anything that helps?
I write best when I am supposed to be doing something else, or on the bus. I practice cards best at these times, study best at these times. In meetings, at work, in class, at parties and concerts. Visiting, playing games, at the movies. I am annoying. Usually, I do not write at these times, but it is when I write (and practice) best. Music helps too – any music that I know, or any movie at home that I know.

18. What inspires you?
This is the hardest question. There is so much that inspires me. You inspire me. If you look at anything in the right way, it is inspiration. I look for new knowledge, for fall and redemption, for refiner’s fire, pain and healing, strength of character. I look for change and realisation, things I have never noticed before, things I have felt rarely. Anomaly glints sometimes out of your stories and I am attracted to the shininess. I look for things I have wondered at in myself and look to see how others deal with them. I look for epiphanies and shocking revelations. Diligence inspires me because it produces miracles. Absolutes inspire me because they reach into infinity and have such large implications. This is neither concise not complete.

19. Lastly, how would you sum up your fan fiction experiences and you as a writer?
It is easy to say people are brilliant and enrich my life, give me things to think about, to learn, to contemplate. It is what is expected that one say, perhaps. But it is true. Writing here distracts me from the book, but I am not quite ready yet, either as a writer or with research.

20. Tag some friends, because they'll hate you for it.
I Hate things where one must select some people over others. Besides, no one would hate me for it I am sure.
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6:09:35, February 19th, 2008 (UTC)
Pride is a virtue!
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