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Salvete, Amici! (ooc)  
10:22:00, July 25th, 2006
John Henry Holliday, DDS
At least - some few of you are my friends, and I should also like to greet those of you that I hope, or will hope, will become my friends.

I have taken over custodianship of Doc Holliday's journal this week - John Henry Holliday, DDS - and I should like to introduce it, and explain the way in which I shall write it.

I am playing John - as I shall call him, as his family did, and as he signed his name - as historically as I may. That said, of course, there is much that conflicts and much that is simply not known. That said, of course, I am going to improvise wildly. Reports from his time and from our time are, as I say, conflicted. I have made certain choices of which to believe. I realise some of these are not the most popular choices, but I have my reasons, which I may or may not elucidate.

I shall play John as looking down from heaven, in which he surely believed - an omniscient eye surveying his life, perhaps musing on the modern age from his own experiences, if he must be forced to comment thereon, or indeed if there is something there I feel might have struck him strongly. He has already, futuristically for him, quoted Kipling.

Something called 'bendy time' has been mentioned to me. I shall, if anyone wishes it and it seems congenial, attempt to RP with John in a flexible way where he would play at any time of his life, from his antebellum childhood, through the civil war, the reconstruction, his time in the west to Tombstone and the day he and Wyatt parted ways, to his further life and death. That said, I shall only RP things that were possible, given little information and a wide world. Terrible as it is, John did die alone in Colorado, and I am not going to change that, or the given (or chosen) facts leading up thereto. Not having actually attempted RPing yet, it is possible I may not be able to do well at it, so I do reserve the right to rescind the offer to do so at a future time. Or I may be able RP, but in a very limited way. It is something that remains unknown.

The avatar is truly John. The photograph was taken in Glenwood Springs, when he was dying, and given by his doctor to Wyatt after his death. It surely is John and matches familial pictures which are beyond question. It bears little resemblance to certain ubiquitous pictures. The other avatar is an artistic workup of a photo taken of him upon the occasion of his graduation from dental school in 1872. It was in the hands of his cousin Mattie, and is undoubtedly the same man. There are other photos, but I have not worked with them here - yet.

I have redone John's profile and his interests, and added quotes from those who knew him describing him and his character. I shall add more.

'Nulli Virtute Secundus' is the latin motto on the Holliday coat of arms. 'In virtue, second to none.' John held honour highest always, and reflected this, so I use this as his 'signature.'

I do hope you will read this journal, and find it illuminating and useful. John means as much to me as I am sure your characters mean to you. He is, to me, exemplar. I shall surely comment when your posts enlighten or move me or inspire further musings of my own. I should likewise welcome comments, indeed very much hope for them. Please respond to my journal as you will.

Thank you very kindly.
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