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Answers for Tonks  
19:51:00, February 2nd, 2008
John Henry Holliday, DDS
1. Mun: How long has John been around in your head, as a palpable presence?

I will say three or four years, but I am guessing. It seems longer but cannot be. There is nothing worse than to be living darkly without anything to hold highest.

2. John: What is your biggest complaint of your typist?

My typist is not diligent enough. Take cards for instance. My typist ought to be practicing with proper diligence yet often simply stares out the train window. Why has the typist not finished Les Miserables but reads stories on the internet? Excellence takes constant work! The typist writes for me with diligence, but sometimes even there is idle. *sighs* The typist means well, essentially, and does wonderful things for me, always thinking of my smallest desires, letting me spend such fine time with my friends. But I am just a little disappointed.

3. Mun: What is your biggest complaint of any of your muses?

I only have John and Bran, but: Bran does not really have a full life, nor is he really a whole person. He knows it and it hurts, but it is still limiting to write for him. It is my fault for setting him without friends in an obscure valley, partially blind and alienated with little joy, even to remember, and less hope. I am not sure what to do with him but cannot quite give him up. He has a dog and a friend.

4. John: One muse you've read/noticed/heard about that you honestly hate?

*looks incredulous* One?!
I suppose the one I hate most, if I may select just one is saint_funnyman. He kills casually and for empty fun. He betrays his friends at a whim, without thought or cause. He has no respect for my religion, or indeed anything. He is dangerous and cowardly. Nothing he does is for reason, and he may do anything at any time – kill or laugh or smash something. He is uneducated and cannot see the value of thought. He thinks only of himself and immediate gratification, no matter what the consequences. He has no manners or grace and is greedy and selfish. Yet he plays with deadly weapons and force as if they were toys. In short, he reminds me of Ike Clanton. And he makes fun of Wyatt.

5. Cecily to John: What is the most pleasurable thing that has ever happened to you?

*cannot help smiling with quiet radiance* Gabriel. Always Gabriel. When he told me that he would see me in Heaven, that I might love him always beyond death, even unto the end of days. When he told me my mama had been proud of me, that Wyatt missed me, that I should see them all again and him, forever. I was transformed. Everything - everything was well, all the old pain washed away. And I didn’t need to die, for I was able to feel purely happy without fear or guilt, but the fact that I would die and hurt those I loved – was taken away. I was at peace, and loved. Even me. And nothing would harm Gabriel, nor take me from him to mourn, nor take him from me. He was there at my birth. And when I die, he will take my hand to take me to Heaven, because he is the Angel of Death.
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