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Remus' Answers  
17:08:00, February 2nd, 2008
John Henry Holliday, DDS
1. Mun: What's the best part of writing a Historical character?

The best part of writing an historical character is that he has a whole and complete life, and whatever is asked there is an answer that existed. The best thing is that everything really happened and I need only listen to what I know of John to see what it was most likely to have been. He had a family and friends, people he loved, people he hated, hobbies and habits, fears and joys, and it is all there somewhere from birth to death, and though there are spaces there are a lot of small things.

2. From Remus to John: When you are stressed, what is something that you do to relax?

When I am stressed I just work, or practice. I am honestly often nervous and it is steadying to do something where I am absolutely at home and sure. Dentistry used to be that for me. Cards is like that, and though it is odd to say it, it is also like that when there is a fight. I have place and purpose and am sure of myself. That really is relaxing. I like to play the piano as well, but there is only rarely a piano.

3. Mun: What drew you to John in the first place that helped you pick him?

John is exemplar. I discovered, and it was affective - that he was living although dead, and was yet noble, diligent - all things in which I generally believe. He was despised by everyone yet stayed true. And his loyalty was supreme. Then I read more and found that he only became better and more interesting and more noble the more I learned. More pain, more love, more diligence. He knew darkness and did not turn from it. He treated all equally irrespective of their place or what anyone thought. He talked and worked, was a gentleman and did his absolute best and loved his friends despite any opposition or danger. He felt too, and it is so evident in any accounts. Everything for John, I always say.

4. Remus to John: What are you most proud of?

I am proud of two things. I am proud I am a good friend. Being proud... is what keeps one, I believe. Pride is a virtue. And when something goes wrong, or everything goes wrong, one can live with oneself. If one is a good friend, then one has no guilt but can remember with love. I am also proud I won all the prizes for Dentistry for the state of Texas. I was a good dentist, and I am proud, though I lost my profession.

5. Remus to John: Wizards can cast a spell using their happiest memory. What memory would you pick, if you could cast such a spell?

*smiles helplessly* I can tell you that at once. Gabriel. I held him on the beach, at Big Sur, and our hearts were full of love, and he an angel, yet as I held him I could offer him something he needed. I could help him and heal his old sorrow and quiet his old ache in that beautiful place with the sea and sand and the sun setting and the succulents blooming up the cliff. And I have never been happier. No distress. Love forever. Gentle warm feelings, and useful, good, and... loved. It is rare I dare feel loved, but that memory... it was happy and perfect. And I caring for him, his weight in my arms. Quiet and holy. *smiles again, a little shyly, for he doesn't know Remus well yet and it is so personal.
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