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22:32:00, January 14th, 2008
John Henry Holliday, DDS

Dear friends,

Thank you so very much for nominating me in the Tammy awards. Of course I am touched and honoured, if absolutely astonished. I should especially and most of all like to thank those who nominated me for historical writing. Perhaps I am here, in this time, that I might be redeemed from history, or perhaps absolved, as it were. It therefor means a great deal to the typist and I.

I have been nominated as an underrated muse, which surely bemuses me, as I had always considered myself simply unread. I do not have an active fandom. When I first came to TM (and so encountered fandom) I knew only Johnny Ringo (RIP.) So I would like to thank with admiration all those who speak to me and befriend me despite the disparity of our worlds. It is all wonder and I am constantly impressed with the writing and insight of my friends here. I myself nominated the_real_peace for this award - my friend Hickey from Eugene O'Neill's The Iceman Cometh, and I urge you to peruse his journal that he too might be read, even though he is not listed as someone for whom you may vote in this category.

We have also been nominated for slash writing. Again this was a complete surprise. We stilll find ourselves inarticulate in the thanks we would like to express. This nomination means so much that we simply do not know what to say. Clearly. But amazement and gratification aside, we would like you to vote for dien, onewingbloody and smecker. Not only is her slash deeper and more wide-ranging, without her I would never have dared to write slash at all, beyond presenting the obvious historical references. Before I met her I had never even heard of slash and written it only in my head. Any courage I have, or any standards of writing slash, or any expansion of bright possibilities, i owe to her. Vote for dien!

I was diligent in my nominations, for there are so many many people and things to recommend. but I would like especially turn your attention to the following prompt nominations. Please read and consider them in all their terrible beauty.

Canon Prompt There Was a City Here
Scary Prompt Snape's Control
Sad Prompt If You Could Read My Mind...
Unforgettable Prompt Gabriel and Loss

Thank you very much.
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