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Introductory list from makeyourlist  
21:46:00, December 11th, 2007
John Henry Holliday, DDS
Random review qualities, from all and sundry:

1. loyalty. everyone said this. I do my very best.
2. courage. everyone said this as well. Is it courage when one is not afraid?
2. selfishness. Bat said this. I measure every action to guard against this.
3. regretfulness. Gillie said this. I once did something for which I am sorry. I was thinking about it this week, being sorry.
4. poor citizenship. John Clum said this. He was wrong, and I proved it again and again and again.
5. gentility. Virgil said this. Again, I do my very best, indeed have done so since infancy and I can scarcely do otherwise. though I can also be scurrilous.
6. perversity. Bat said this too. I still resent it and everything for which it stands.
7. ill-health. Everyone said this. It was obvious.
8. caustic. Wyatt said this, but others said it in other ways. I feel less caustic now in these times.
9. temper. Many said this. It still flairs, but I have less reason in civilised society.
10. haunting. Wyatt said this. He missed me. I've nothing to say of this myself.
11. shaky. Several said that of me. Well, I will admit it. Illness and social displacement. But I was never shaky when it counted.
12. deft. Eddie Foy said this. agile, though others said stiff. I suppose that I can be agile when need calls, despite my natural stiffness.

Name: John H. Holliday, DDS.
Fandom: History.
List Items: 12
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