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YULETIDE TREASURE yuletideyuletideyuletide  
19:52:00, October 13th, 2007
John Henry Holliday, DDS
This is an advertisement for Yuletide! I love Yuletide.
HERE is the Yuletide main page.
HERE is the list of subjects.
HERE are the Frequently Asked Questions.
HERE is the LJ community.
HERE is the LJ administration community.
HERE is the archive of amazing past stories, though it is closed until New Years.

Perhaps you will recall my enthusiasm of last year. It is an anonymous story-present exchange for December 25, the authors to be revealed New Year's Day. If you like to write, this is fantastic! There are of course two parts to Yuletide - the giving and the receiving, the challenge and benevolent intrigue of finding what another person likes and wants and creating it for them, and the amazement and joy when you find someone has done just that especially for you.

When you sign up for Yuletide you can request a story based on (I counted) 1646 different books, movies, television shows, games, historical events, and so forth! You can select the characters you would like to appear in the story, or you may simply say you would be happy with any of the characters appearing in your selection! You can make three or four selections, and someone, some kind wonderful person, will write a story just for you with your characters based on your favourite book, movie, television show.... You can further make suggestions as to the type of story you would like, possible scenarios, specific details you would enjoy, or things you cannot bear in a story.

When you sign up for Yuletide you offer to write a story according to the request of some other author for any of those 1646 books movies, etc.! You can again decide which characters about whom you could happily write, or choose to write for any of the characters appearing in your chosen books, movies, television shows.... You can choose all you would be delighted to write for, and there are so many there - all kinds of things you would never expect - recent movies, favourite childhood books, obscure television shows.

Your requests will be matched with the offerings of another person partial and enthused by your own cherished subjects. And you may write a letter to them in your journal, talking about yourself, the books, games, events you love and why they appeal to you, what they mean to you. And your offerings will be matched to something they love, which they will illuminate for you.

And then you will write a 1000+ word story just for your author. And then your author will write a 1000+ word story just for you! And on the morning of December 25th, you will have your wonderful story, and your author will have their wonderful story from you.

It is beautiful. 1646 subjects! 973 participants (so far!) An archive of thousands and thousands of stories from years past! I was enchanted with my story last year. It was perfect - exactly what I wanted, perfect for me - even me! So I wanted to share the wonder with you all, should you be interested, should you enjoy writing along these lines. It has been suggested that if we write of Yuletide that we mention that slash, het and gen stories are all welcome and present in relatively equal numbers.

You may sign up until October 18. And you will receive your story assignment shortly thereafter. I can hardly wait!
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21:31:30, October 15th, 2007 (UTC)
William Adama: Warm Smile
I've signed up! And they've passed 1000 participants. *glee!*
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