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Questions from on_holy_ground  
23:12:00, June 30th, 2007
John Henry Holliday, DDS
John grows progressively more voluble and possibly feverish:

1. Who did you look up to as a child?
When I was a little boy, before the war, I looked up to my Uncle John. He was a real doctor, and he was kind and always very interested in me. Later my heroes, like those of every good Southern boy, were Lee and Jackson, and I looked up to the cavalry officers; Forrest, Morgan, Stuart. It seemed that these men were really working miracles, for us. And we believed.
2. We all have a dream that guides us in life. What is yours?
I don't have a dream - I have lived my life looking over my shoulder, as if I were seeing it as history already. What has guided me has been a simple thing - my family Latin motto. Nulli Virtute Secundus. In virtue second to none. My dream, I suppose, is to live up to that, for myself, so that I can be proud. It is not a dream I can achieve, but a dream that has swept me along with it. It is a dream of process rather than fullfillment. And I will tell you that it is for God as well - to make him a better world. Not only is it the only way to live with myself, it is the only way in which I can believe that I have a place in his world.
3. What was the best day you ever had with those you love?
This is the best day with my family. A perfect day. I had the best day of my modern life with Gabriel recently. It continues. But we have written all about that as well. My best day with Wyatt was one of those on the trip to Prescott. Long days to talk about all the world, long nights with clear stars, fresh air, fires, small tasks and constant but easy companionable work. We were free out there - the only time. No one to watch us and bother us, to expect daring or violence, dissipation or polite social retreat. We just existed, pure and simple in the air with all we had made of ourselves to share with one another.
4. What is your favorite color, and why?
I like to wear grey. It is soft and contains all the other colours. It was traditional in my time to wear black, if one were a gambler, so I wore grey. It nicely complements all the other traditional accoutrements of fashion - and I must admit I was very fond of all the bright and rich colours of my silk waistcoats, cravats and handkerchiefs. It also formed a quiet analogy to my pastel shirts. But I liked it for itself. It was also the colour of the Confederate uniforms, and I am patriotic.
5. What is the most important thing that you have ever learned?
The thing that I have learned is that there are people who are worthwhile, beyond anything else on earth. And they could be anywhere - it is not that judges or mayors or generals are these men - necessarily, though sometimes they are. Sometimes it is a sporting man or a stage robber or a whore. So, one must be respectful to everyone, because you can never tell by looking or by profession, if a man or a woman is one of those that makes the world worth all the pain it provides. That may sound trite, but it defines so many actions, when it is truly followed. It creates responsibility for community and children, for one never knows which child wll grow to be one of these. It is not love, though it begets love, for how can one not love that which has such eclipsing worth? How can one not desire closeness and companionship and collaboration?

I have recently solicited questions. Please ask me. Here is another way of answering and asking questions - I have done this before, but one can never really answer enough questions to be entirely known, nor ask enough to entirely know others. For the most part.

01. Please leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
02. I shall respond by asking you five questions.
03. Please update your journal with the answers to the questions.
04. Please include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
05. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you may ask them five questions.
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15:21:40, July 2nd, 2007 (UTC)
Darius: General ~ Intent
I to find these questions to be most interesting, and it allows for us to know things that we may have never otherwise had the chance to discover. You're questions were very thought provoking, and I appreciate that you took the time to ask.

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