John Henry Holliday, DDS (john_h_holliday) wrote,
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Guess! from smecker

Ten statements are true and one is false! You have the opportunity to guess which is a lie!

Now, I have mentioned very few of these, and some of the truths are best guesses of myself or others, but none of the guessses are baseless, and I would be happy to discuss.

1. I drank with General Sherman.
2. I was an army dentist.
3. I entered a duel when I was in school as a child.
4. I had an adopted son.
5. I was a member of the temperence league.
6. I discussed guns with Teddy Roosevelt.
7. I roomed with the governors of Arizona and New Mexico.
8. I was held up in a stage robbery.
9. My father was a quartermaster in the war.
10. I gambled with Samuel Houston.
11. When I was a child, I knew members of the Earp family.
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