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22:32:00, June 19th, 2007
John Henry Holliday, DDS
Well, I will put up this 'meme'

If you have something you want to tell me, or questions to ask about John, or the way I do things with him then please do so now. It can be about how I play him, how I write him, how I see him, or whatever you want to discuss.

Good, bad, indifferent, or whatever it happens to be, I would very much like to answer. I am curious.
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6:01:00, June 20th, 2007 (UTC)
Could you tell a little about how he is written. Does history inspire you (as in making sure everything is true to fact), or, do you write him to a beat of your own drum?

(hoping that makes sense!:)).
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Re: ooc
2:06:17, June 21st, 2007 (UTC)
John Henry Holliday, DDS
I believe that makes sense. You may judge below!

I do my very best to make sure everything is as historical as possible. The secrets post, for instance, was not particularly well-written, but those were his living and boarding arrangements, as recorded by his 'landlady,' along with other personal habits. I know what tuberculosis was like from accounts and medical books of the times, and what John's night would have been like, in terms of symptoms. I know he was friends with Addie, because he, acting alone, saved her house in the town plot skirmishes, and in her testimony, she recognised him walking down the street with the Earps, but failed to identify Wyatt or any of the others. She was Josie's good friend, so John must have had some relationship to her thus, apart from Wyatt. His thoughts are feverish in the post, of course, but reflect what Gillie said about John and Wyatt's parting.

It is true I extrapolate, because so much is not known, but I make sure everything he says or does or thinks is possible, given whatever information I have, which is by now a great deal.

Roleplaying is different of course, because I can only try to feel what he would do or think or say, given what I know and the small examples of his diction that was recorded. It is extrapolation especially as he is happy now, as he never really was. Gabriel has solved most of his darkest worries, confirming Heaven and Wyatt's love and his mother's pride and Mattie's faith, and he knows he will see them all again after he dies, and that Gabriel will be there and his loved ones always. These things make an enormous difference. Some of his ideals were demonstrated rather than spoken, but he obviously held them perfectly conceived because he consistently and firmly acted in accordance with original and unpopular codes.
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19:03:38, June 20th, 2007 (UTC)
Where do you get the information? For example, where did you learn what his favourite food was, or where all his scars were?
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1:45:28, June 21st, 2007 (UTC)
John Henry Holliday, DDS
His scars are just a listing of scars he would have had to have gotten from the times it was recorded that he was injured. The tuberculosis scars were described by those who cared for him in Glenwood Springs when he was in a coma before he died.

The foods are a little more difficult. I do make it up a little. It is known that he liked ice cream and biscuits. It is known that his father introduced pecans to Georgia, as an alternative crop to cotton after the failure of the harvest just after the war due to boll weevils. Although there was a resentful rift between John and his father, he was very patriotic, so I write him as liking pecans. Because he was patriotic, I have him liking peaches best, which is Georgia's state fruit, of course. I vaguely remember something about him liking pie. Lemonade and ice-cream were treats on fair days and such in those days when ice was amazing, and mint was regarded as refreshing. He would have been at these occasions, for they had them on court days (the court rotated among different communities) and his father officiated at these in various capacities. So he is fond of those for the sake of nostalgia, to which he was also given. As far as his mama's favourite flower, there was an account of him missing wisteria in particular.

I have a lot of history books, memoirs, letters, etc. Some are spurious, but I do my best to sift through them.
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