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171. Relationships  
13:29:00, March 27th, 2007
John Henry Holliday, DDS
If I am to be absolutely honest with myself, as I must be, I should have to say that I have not been successful with love in the past. For myself - within myself - I have loved strongly and well. Circumstances have prevented me from fulfilling that love to death. I have dealt with that inevitable loss in relationships by leaving them rather than bearing love's fading, much its less dying. I have not played out the natural ebbs and flows of relationships to their conclusions. I have intentionally taken my leave so that they remained ever as I left them - bright in my mind, if not my hand - strong and pure and achingly beautiful. Mattie. I carried her love and beauty across the west. Wyatt. I carried his love until I went to bid him A Dieu. And beyond, of course. I carried their love and my love for them, cherished, high and perfect. Mattie helped me, allowing me to keep our love in state - hallowed but inactive. I have loved wonderfully, but I have been a poor lover, being absent for the most part.

Name: John H. Holliday, DDS.
Fandom: History.
Word Count: 189
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21:13:41, March 27th, 2007 (UTC)
As an odd note so far in my life I have done similar.

something tells me that one of these moons I need to be less absent.
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