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'guilt' 'meme'  
19:43:00, March 9th, 2007
John Henry Holliday, DDS
I do not believe in guilt. Pride is a virtue. These are simply my valued favourites.
I am surprised and gratified to be 'tagged.' No one has ever done this for me before. Nevertheless, I cannot let myself 'tag' anyone. Please, complete the 'meme' if you wish.

What are yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Peach Ice Cream I love peach ice cream. It is the flavour of summer, juicy and rich. I can imagine the fuzz, the smell of the pip when a peach seed breaks. And Ice Cream? Ice Cream is the wonderful impossibility.
Literary: Gone with the Wind My Mattie's gift to me. Myself and our lives seen through her eyes, preserved. Infinitely precious.
Audiovisual: Vaudeville Eddie Foy, my friend.
Musical: Chopin Another gift, this one from my mother. Pure and sublime, yet comforting, and for more than its familiarity.
Celebrity: Nathan Bedford Forrest My childhood idol, hero of the Confederacy. One can hardly call one's friend a celebrity, so I have selected here a man I never met.

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affect: weirdweird
æther radio: Adam Harasiewicz - Preludio No 13
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