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150. Tunnel Photograph  
18:28:00, November 1st, 2006
John Henry Holliday, DDS
Alas. I do not know this tunnel. I suspect perhaps it is from the old settled North. I did spend time in Philadelphia, but I was diligent, and when I was not, I was engaged into exploring urban pleasures and surely not given to excursions to the countryside. It brings little to mind. Could my papa have sheltered here during the War, or one of my Uncles? I have heard no such story. Tunnels in general? I do not believe one goes through a tunnel on the way to the next world, as some do. I do not suffer from tunnel-vision, indeed strive to be open and acquire whatever new knowledge of innovations and ideas that may come my way. I had thought to perhaps write on the tunnels cut through the mountains by the great railroads. You know the Atcheson, Topeka and Santa Fe, for which I fought in the great railway wars, was begun by Cyrus K. Holliday? But this is not a railroad tunnel. I am at a loss. It looks like a cool and pleasant place to read perhaps, on a hot summer day? It is not long enough to truly explore. It is well-made, a definite artefact of acivilisation valuing craftsmanship. Someone surely took pride in his work.

Name: John H. Holliday, DDS.
Fandom: History.
Word Count: 215
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