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13:40:00, September 15th, 2006
John Henry Holliday, DDS
Ask me anything. Please.

I should like everyone who reads this to ask me four questions. Any four, no matter how personal, complex, dirty, private, or random. I shall answer them as honestly as I may. In turn, you will post this message in your own journal, and you will answer the questions that are asked of you.

No, you do not have to do anything. That is a quote, though modified. And this is surely from some of you already. A fine 'meme.' For what am I here if not to answer questions?
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0:22:39, September 16th, 2006 (UTC)
Lady Kate, Marchioness Schofield (nee Talgarth)
1. How do you imagine your life's path would be different, if you did not suffer from the terrible malaise of consumption?

2. What other poets besides Kipling do you find worthy to know the work of?

3. If someone gave you the opportunity to take a sea voyage anywhere you desired, where would you go?

4. Is the lawless nature of the West something that you enjoy, or would you have it different than it is?
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1:45:16, September 16th, 2006 (UTC)
John Henry Holliday, DDS
sighs and tries to post a third time

Why thank you so very much for asking, my Lady!
*smiles gladly and bows politely*

1) this question is surprisingly easy, for I had meant to do something specific. I was a dentist, and a fine one. I was preceptor for my cousin Robert at dental school his first year. I would have continued to serve him in that capacity, and we had meant to go into practice together, likely in Atlanta, where we lived. He later founded the Southern Dental College in Atlanta, and we would have done this together. And I would have married... *he trails off as he does sometimes*

2) My Lady, I favour Matthew Arnold, and of course his famous Dover Beach. But my favourite of his poems is To George Cruikshank, on Seeing, in the Country, his Picture of "The Bottle"

ARTIST, whose hand, with horror wing’d, hath torn
From the rank life of towns this leaf: and flung
The prodigy of full-blown crime among
Valleys and men to middle fortune born,

Not innocent, indeed, yet not forlorn:
Say, what shall calm us, when such guests intrude,
Like comets on the heavenly solitude?
Shall breathless glades, cheer’d by shy Dian’s horn.

Cold-bubbling springs, or caves? Not so! The Soul
Breasts her own griefs: and, urg’d too fiercely, says:
‘Why tremble? True, the nobleness of man

May be by man effac’d: man can control
To pain, to death, the bent of his own days.
Know thou the worst. So much, not more, he can.’

3) This is the most difficult of the questions. Perhaps I would go to Britain and to France, from whence so many great authors and thinkers have come, and where so many historical events have taken place. I should also like to see the Great Cathedrals. And I would know the language. Perhaps I would go to see the ruins of ancient Rome and Greece, to witness first-hand the places I read about in the Classic works when I was a boy. I wish I had given more thought to this previously. Perhaps a sea voyage would even be good for my lungs. It is said the salt air of the open sea might be healthy.

4) This is also an easy question. I worked hard to eliminate lawlessness in the West. Imagine if the towns were safe and quiet, if I could walk at night without worrying about fists and knives and guns coming at me out of the dark. If every town had one of the Great Hotels, theatre, peaceful well-appointed saloons and gaming halls like those of Europe. Imagine if all the money pouring through the mining towns had gone to schools and libraries. Imagine if there had been children and good women and gentlemen, genteel courtesy and fair elections. Would I have been able to drink my whiskey which has kept me? Would I have been able to live with dignity and grace, sporting man that I have become? I should like to think so.
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21:13:49, September 16th, 2006 (UTC)
the Archangel Gabriel: Oh yeah?
Hey John. *raises a hand in greeting*

1) What do you imagine Heaven is like?

2) Is it better to be lucky or talented?

3) How would you define 'honor'?

4) If you had a choice of a time period to live in, which would it be?*

*assuming, if you want, that John has some knowledge of what the ages to come are like as well-- i.e., the things he has learned through talking to other muses in TM
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1:13:35, September 17th, 2006 (UTC)
John Henry Holliday, DDS
Gabriel! Welcome, sir! *he smiles warmly and raises his hand back, in near-salute - he is more accustomed to formal courtesies or the studied ignorance of them than he is to casual greetings*

1) It is hard to picture Heaven. 'For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then shall I know even as also I am known.' *he smiles down to himself, hesitant to even speculate, or to voice his silly wistful hopes* I can wonder only. I wonder if I will then hear God, in words, in feeling. Not just faith, but... tangible warmth. Love as I cannot yet imagine - another state that we do not know here, but felt and wonderful. I have faith I will see Wyatt again, and my mama, and Mattie. Somehow. Sometimes I wonder how they will be. Will they be old, will they be healed, will the marks of the pain from which they died be on them yet? Will Mattie and Wyatt be... so much older than I? So very much older? Or will they be young, like the young man seated on the rock at Jesus' sepulcher. was that Jesus, transformed as we will be? Was it an angel? I wonder if... our thoughts will transmit to one another then, as mine seem to do to you. I do not think so much of the landscape, the environment. I a man only, and these people mean so very much. Somehow I picture us, all love and joy, meeting and walking quietly, just in that joy, walking down to a... river maybe *swallows* and talking again, perhaps a hand, on an arm or a cheek, and remembering and sharing, all we were and had missed of each other, all we had not seen of each other in life, and that moment lasting forever. And other such moments, all lasting forever in variance, and... love, not with guilt or fear, but... richness and appreciation. My mama would be proud of me, and I could see all of her I missed as a child. And Mattie - I could finally feel her Goodness in more than words. And Wyatt - it would be... pure. I hope, but sir, it will be more wonderful than I can hope, for God is infinitely greater than any imagination I can concoct.

2) *smiles sweetly* Why, it is better to be diligent! I believe in causality, so much more complex than I can fathom. Luck is a shuffled card slipped behind one card rather than another card, a fingernail moving a die slightly, a slight added momentum to a coin to give it another roll. Talent perhaps exists, but will never move the cards for you alone. It is diligence that will allow you to know the cards and manipulate them so they fall as you wish. Long hard relentless diligence.

3) Honour. *he sobers and looks into the distance* Honour is doing nothing of which you would ever be ashamed. Honour is doing what is best rather than what is easiest. Honour is acting for what is best rather than what you want. And it is studying and learning and working always, so that you can know what that best would be and be ready to act for it, ever making yourself better. And it is discipline, so that one has the will to set aside anything lesser than what is best, no matter how one may desire it, and no matter whether its loss will bring one personal sorrow. It is sacrifice. Honour is listening as one can to Him, and acting in accord, for what is best is what He would have us do.

4) I would like to live in my South before the war. I was happy then, sir. My family was happy. We had ideals and things to work for - my uncle John developing medicine. Our community and hopes and family. My other uncle's school. Robert and I would have gone into dentistry. But would I like to live there, to have been older, knowing as I do what is to come, that it will all be over? I know I would not have chosen my time of struggle and dirt and chaos and loss. There is always loss, but so many, so very many had died in the war. So much was shattered. I was lost every day I lived there, wishing for another time. Perhaps now? In the time of your club? I do not know it well, am still curious and attracted to its advances like a child to a toyshop. I am hardly objective. Perhaps a time in between. After my time but before the other terrible wars.... Perhaps it does not make a difference.
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5:35:22, September 17th, 2006 (UTC)
the Archangel Gabriel: : )
1) *smiles* It's a good description of Heaven. Many humans seem to get hung up on the landscaping, but that's mutable, really. As you say, it's those there that will truly make it Heaven for your kind.

2) *chuckles* A clever answer. Remind me never to play cards seriously against you, John. *winks*

4) Having seen as much as I have, I think it's fair to say all time periods have had their loss, as you say; each generation has its crisis point. But yes, the needlessness of what happened in those days has always struck me as particularly terrible, too. Until then, the monkey toys for slaughter were simple, really; man-to-man... but those years? I was -very- busy.

You oughtta have tried the twenties, if you could only have had one decade. Wonderful music. *smiles in reminiscence*
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19:13:02, September 17th, 2006 (UTC)
*tips his hat* Hey there. Just thought I'd pipe up.

1. Have you ever been in love before?

2. When in doubt, how do you decide something?

3. Do you believe our lives happen by chance or fate?

4. What's your favourite food?
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19:38:57, September 17th, 2006 (UTC)
John Henry Holliday, DDS
Greetings, sir. How very fine to see you! *smiles and tips his hat politely in turn* Welcome!

1) Before???!!! *swallows, startled, and stares a little at Robin, not knowing what to say to that* Well, we do get to the point, don't we? And I promised to be honest. There is a simple answer, however. Of course I have been in love before, and I am not one to fall out of love. And of course one may love more than one person! Who? Ah, but that would be telling, and my lips are sealed on that, to quote a cliché. "A promise made is a debt unpaid, and the trail has its own stern code."

2) A very good question, sir, for occasionally one is in doubt. But as one knows one will sooner or later be in doubt, it is best to have a technique ready, and I surely do. If there is no time and a decision demands lightning action, no matter how decisive, I do not hesitate to wait or think, but take the most attractive option for whatever reason. But there is always a heartbeat to test what that might be, and that heartbeat steadies the hand and will.

3) No, I do not believe our lives happen by chance or fate. Not at all. Our lives happen by causality. Our lives happen by a vast multitude of chain reactions, so complex and intricate we will never grasp them. I always, sir, say that I do my best. But my knowing what is best is based on a web of such array that has made me what I am, tinted every action I take, every thought I have. But there is no chance or fate. Even a turn of a card, spin on the dice, is based on physics. But it is not all physics. There is idea and causality born of thought and talk also. Do read above, for the question is slightly similar to Gabriel's...

4) My favourite food... I do believe it is pecan pie with peach ice cream. It reminds me of home. *smiles at the thought* Why, thank you so much for asking.
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