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142. Monogamy?  
13:05:00, September 2nd, 2006
John Henry Holliday, DDS
To my dear RL village: These are not my views, but what I deem John's to have been from 1887, when the world was a far different place.

What Are Your Thoughts about Monogamy?

Well, naturally, and I hope obviously, I believe that if people make oaths, they ought to fulfill them.
So the question becomes whether or not they ought to take such oaths.
I once had dreams of monogamy and a peaceful life. I do not like to talk about it.
That is all gone and has been gone since I stepped up from that train platform in 1873.
Monogamy is one way of building the world, and it is critical.
It creates purpose and of purpose is born strength.
But men are sometimes otherwise with other personal ends and they are critical too.

Children. Children make monogamy, and goodness, necessary. Without goodness, monogamy is too much to ask for.
But children create the future, heritage, the network of civilisation that is education, libraries, health care, holidays and celebrations, homes and towns. They create families that provide the continuity between past and future. They create a need and so an inspiration to uphold and struggle for all these things, and to make the future a good and as perfect as possible a destination, because in the end it and its civilisation is all we have and all that matters. Families uphold this, support it, and make it possible and extant.
So children and families demand monogamy, at least by some - those who would bring children into this world.

Some men are capable of monogamy without children.
But some live with troubles insoluble, sorrow inconsolable or burdens it is unfair to expect others to bear. Loneliness prevails. And I would suggest they should not be asked to make the choice of dwelling always therein or taking vows they will certainly regret, if not at once, surely in a few months or years. I would suggest that they should not have to bind others to them and to certain pain in exchange for any solace, peace or companionship at all.
And there are some too whose hearts and appetites are large and open. There are those who would, not out of debauchery but out of an indiscriminateness of fellow-feeling, warm so much to so many of those who cross their paths that monogamy is an impossible idea.
Such men as these should not be constrained by monogamy. There are those of them that are heroic, brave, and diligent. There are those who work ceaselessly to make the world fine and the future better. They surely work better with solace, companionship, and peace than they would with sorrow and loneliness and the restless irritation that these bring.

On the other hand, there are those do subscribe to selfishness and debauchery. Should one wish such as these upon any woman for all her life, with the disappointment and betrayals that broken vows would surely bring?
Some are violent or brutal. Should one wish that on anyone?

I think then, that monogamy is a fine institution which should be maintained. But I further think that to enforce or require it is folly and cruelty.
Of course, these views are not exactly in keeping with the tenets of Catholicism, and my dear cousin would doubtless disagree, but her faith in all is so much greater than mine.

Name: John H. Holliday, DDS.
Fandom: History.
Word Count: 529
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