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Sunday: Networking, a week late.  
20:06:00, March 9th, 2009
John Henry Holliday, DDS
Muse's Name: John Henry (Doc) Holliday
Mun name / nickname: Denzil
Muse's Fandom: American History 1851-1887
Summary of Muse: This is John's story, from all points of his life, and some few after his death. He was born in 1851 in Georgia, went through the Civil War as a Southern child, suffering all the usual privations. His mother died, his father remarried. He went to school, then to dental college, hoping to become a dentist and marry. He served as preceptor to his cousin Robert, who began the first dental college in the South. Tubercular, he went to Texas for his health, where he won all the prizes for dentistry. Unable to practice, he took up cards. Alienated, he took up guns. He had many adventures in Georgia and later, taking up with Wyatt Earp and joining the forces of law. He was loyal, helping to settle the West, a gentleman, dentist, sporting man, friend. He excelled at all of these vocations, and as a gunman besides. He was well educated and soft-spoken with unshakeable belief in himself, though he drank and possessed an acerbic wit and a hot temper. He liked technology, ice cream, the theatre, literature and played the piano wonderfully, taught by his mother. He believed in education and diligent children. He had original ideas and valued men not for what they were, but for whom they were, beyond even good and evil. He stood by those he valued unto death. He died alone in a Glenwood Springs, Colorado, hotel in 1887 of consumption. This is a simplification and leaves out remarkable events, too numerous for a summary. Dying for sixteen years and a killer of, perhaps, an equal number of men, he is linked inextricably to the angel of death.
Journal Content / Warnings: John is a gunfighter and killer. He drinks. He is depressive. He is dying. He has tuberculosis. He was a Southern child in the Civil War, and his angry teenaged politics are not my politics. There is a little sexuality, I suppose. There is surely violence and medical description for John is ill and is a dentist.
Looking for: I am looking for inspiration, perhaps. Certainly new friends. John is friendly and likes to talk.
Any other information: I have thoroughly researched John. I try to make anything I write at least possible, given available information. Almost all the stories are expanded fragments of bare facts.

If anyone would like to chat, I'm on AIM and MSN and Yahoo Instant Messenger. mirorthauma and miror_thauma and miror_thauma.
affect: curiouscurious
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