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charloft. Friday 1 and 2  
1:00:00, October 25th, 2008
John Henry Holliday, DDS
Friday 1 Pockets

When John has removed all non-clothing items from his person there is a small pile of items on the table:

Colt Thunderer
Colt Lightning
Webley boot revolver
straight razor in a small case on a cord
Pocket Dental Office that he made himself and for which he did the gold-work
Silver pocket watch on a gold chain with a locket for a fob with a picture of Mattie
Wallet with his mother's last letter and bills
Silver and glass flask of scotch (perpetual)
silver pencil
small notebook
sturdy folding knife

Friday 2 Three People who matter most


These are his friends and closest relations, still more even than friends:
John S. Holliday, Thomas McKey, Lee White, Billy Leonard, Eddie Foy, Miguel Otero, John Shaughnessy, Virgil Earp, Samuel Vardenoe, Lee Smith, Texas Jack Vermillion, Turkey Creek Jack Johnson

These are the beloved Dead, their worth something he cannot bring himself to rank:
Alice Jane Cloud McKey
Morgan Seth Earp

He does not bring Gabriel into the question. Gabriel is more to him, so close the question of his significance is hardly something John can begin to contemplate. He has always been there, whether John recognised him or no. He will always be with him.
affect: lonelylonely
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