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charloft. Twosday 1 and 2  
23:36:00, October 21st, 2008
John Henry Holliday, DDS
Twosday 1

Which would you rather be - deaf or blind? Why?

"I would rather be deaf. If I were blind I would be unable to know when I had need to protect myself, and I would be killed easily. I would not be able to work, either. I certainly could not deal cards and the thought of a blind dentist is ludicrous."

Twosday 2

Choose one person in your life that you have lost (Any kind of loss), and tell us what you would say if they came back.

"I told Wyatt I would see him again. It was the important thing. I don't think I can improve on it."

"I'm sorry. Forgive me for having been free."

Choose one person in your life that you wish would get lost (again, any kind of 'lost'), and why you want them gone.

"This is a strange question, as everyone got lost in one way or another. I wanted Kate gone, but eventually I managed it. I wanted her gone because she was crazy. No, that is too easy. She was cruel, careless, self-centred, untrustworthy, corrupt, treacherous, violent. Are those enough reasons? I can think of more, without trying, and few if any virtues."
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