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charloft. Munday 1 and 2  
23:50:00, October 20th, 2008
John Henry Holliday, DDS
I've been having a hard time writing. Perhaps this will help, if I do it every day, like medicine. I'm not sure if I will join, or John, or everyone, or... Until I'm sure I will write here.

Munday 1

1. How did you choose/create the muse you use?

John embodied the way in which I saw the world, but it was large and I am not articulate enough to express it concisely, so I try to demonstrate it at length. Hannibal is a serene John, without the war and inhabiting an earlier time. I couldn't use John for the community where I play Hannibal because he is not fictional. Bran... I have not written Bran for some time, but he was like a friend when I was a child. Probably the same age as I. There were certain things we had in common. The other muse - I needed to know who he was, so I write to find out. Perhaps to find out who I am as well.

2. What do you hope to get from this community?

I am having great problems writing of late, have perhaps given all my effort to roleplay. I miss John and need to write for him. I hope to be encouraged to write for him every day, so I think more of him and learn more from him.

3. What would you like others to know about your character(s)?

They are serious. I will play with them in gentle humour, recreate pretty scenes, present idylls and dreams, tell stories. But in the end they are serious and will drop any activity or facade for truth.

4. What would you like others to know about you?

I am unlikely. And shy. And hopeful. Some of that is apparent, some isn't. It doesn't work well together. I like to talk about magic. And characters.

5. What would you like to know about the other folks in this community?

I want to learn why they love their characters. I would like to see and consider things about the world, about myself, others, my characters that have not occurred to me before. I want to build what I think and what I believe by seeing what others think, what motivates them, what inspires them. I want to discover the nature of hope, despair, wonder, pain beyond the trite or petty. What makes your characters human? What makes you human?

Munday 2

1. If you could bring any of your characters from their story into this one (aka, the real world), which one would it be, and why?

John, because he would enjoy it. He delighted in technological progress and, displaced, would not find himself in an unfamiliar state. He would be enchanted by the new modes of transportation, communication, entertainment, the opportunity to travel, the wide array of foods available.

2. If you could become any one of your characters for a finite span of time, which character, and for how long would you walk in their shoes?

I don't want to be my characters. Or perhaps I would be any of them, so I would know better who they are, move with their bones and postures, their clothing and pains. I could watch how others viewed them, felt their reactions to internally generated anger, fear, hope, love. It would be interesting to be another person, and interesting to be a character I feel I know so well.

3. Could any of your characters easily become villains if they aren't already, saved only by writer's fondness? Conversely, are any of your villainous characters just too bad to ever be redeemed?

I don't see characters that way. My characters could be seen as villains. My characters could be seen as heroes. It all depends on point of view, and I have found I can forgive, - or accept or embrace - the most unlikely things. People are not simple, living in waves of dark and light, folly and accomplishment. A better question is whether characters can be redeemed from mundaneness. And it is for this quality of unquestionable redemption for which I have chosen mine.
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7:47:41, October 21st, 2008 (UTC)
strained, half-stranded: Tom Hagen
True fact... Very much a fan of the word 'unlikely,' there. eenteresting. :)

And luck with banishing the writing blues, yo. Luck and Scotch; 's a fair combination.
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13:28:58, October 21st, 2008 (UTC)
wytchcroft: old bob
perhaps it is inappropriate of me to comment - but i always admire your posts, the writing and the thought behind it.

i hope you will continue and get through this phase, alas so common to writers... the blergh and the block.

good luck!:)
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