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Vacation! Really? No, really! What? It's true!

I've had a great deal of stress lately. My job changed suddenly. I've not been posting as much as I would have liked.
But tomorrow I am going on vacation! For a whole month! I saved up holidays for two years!
It is a magic convention on a ship, going down to LA and then I am staying with my dear Uncle and Aunt in Oceanside.
I will be offline until the 26th, or possibly the 27th or 28th, depending on internet availability in LA.

I'm working on some fests.
The Severus Big Bang Birthday Bash [info - community] severusbigbang on insanejournal and livejournal. I've three projects there. One is going really well and makes me happy. The others I've not started.
Severus' Shorts severus_shorts on livejournal. I have a story of one of Severus' birthdays to write there.
HP Cross Gen Fest hp_cross_fest, which I have half-written - something totally different.
Snapely Holidays [info - community] snapelyholidays on livejournal and insanejournal.

There are various things I have written in my head but that I have not typed up yet. Some for me, some for John, some for Sev. I hope to get a lot of work done.

And I will see my dear relations, and my dear friend also.

If you live near Oceanside, or San Diego, let me know and maybe we can work out some way to meet! I will be in LA also, but it is only a day or so.

I feel strange, and I still cannot believe I really get to go. Really? Me?

Best wishes and warm thoughts to you all. I should be back online in a few days.
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I am here. Still reading everything. I'm having a tough time at work - my job changed suddenly.
I've not been writing so much.
Here are some eggs.
lil!sevvie for [info - community] severusbigbang is progressing at least. A successful craft project. He's developing personality.
Going to the magic convention soon, and California.
I will write a lot there.
I'm performing a 15 minute magic set at the picnic this Sunday.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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295. Mediocrity, Talent and Genius

"Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but talent instantly recognizes genius." -Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Valley of Fear
John smiles at this. It is true. He does not like men of mediocrity. He does not know what to do with them. Faced with a lukewarm conversational glass of domestic trifles, petty thoughts and inconsequential preferences, he does not partake.

He is not sure if he is a genius himself or merely talented. He know that whichever it is, it is not so much inspiration or original thought to light the world. But the fire of the vision of which he concieved so long ago has been fueled with diligence, conviction and devotion until it illuminates all he does - everything for which he strives. Even in the brilliance of genius, he is confident it will shine pure.

He seeks out genius, looks for it, waits for it. He followed Wyatt across the Western States. Eddie Foy, with his gentle wonder and smile at adventure had shared his delight in the recognition of genius. They were quietly friends. John had recognised the genius of General Sherman when he met him, even past the destruction of John's own childhood.

John trusts genius, feels at home, even relieved. Men of genius have always treated him well, with mutual respect. It is the mediocre who have plagued him, wracked by insecurity about their own worth, desperate to bolster it with cruelty and power over others. Men of genius wield power with every glance of their mind and will. As John, they already know they are justified.

Name: John H. Holliday, DDS.
Fandom: History.
Word Count: 243
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285. When you were broke

When I look back at my life, there is a period of time that sticks up like a splinter when you run your hand down a hard-wood banister worn smooth and creamy by the flesh and oil of decades, a century of touch. My life has not been simple or naïve, but the chaos has been largely of my own creation, or a reaction to the misdeeds of others. There has been a certain consistency of self-sufficiency. I have always been in control of myself, have always had choices.

To some degree my entire life has been an exercise in ingenuity, in terms of my livlihood. To some degree, I have always been at a loose end, since I lost my vocation in Dallas, since I became a sporting man with neither home nor visible means of support.

Nevertheless, save for the time of my illness in Leadville, there has always been the possibility of dignity. I am inclined to say I am ashamed, but I do not believe in shame. I can still say I did my best, but I was helpless, and my own devices did not sustain me.
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Name: John H. Holliday, DDS.
Fandom: History.
Word Count: 936
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282. Cremation or Burial

I didn't make plans for my funeral or burial. They did not have cremation in my time. I was alone in Glenwood Springs, and I wished to spare my family the pain of long journeys and responsibilities that would surely cause them dismay. It was better for them to remember me as I had been - young, serious, diligent, productive, handsome (though I say it myself) - than an ill dissolute with a reputation they should not have to face. It was not that they did not know of my life - Mattie in particular, of course, and Robert - but it is one thing to bring comfort to an ill and despondent cousin than to meet his detractors, would-be murderers, or even his fellow sporting-men, lawmen, and... pioneers.

I did not even tell Wyatt. How could I bear to have him near, attentive in the shadow of Josie, to be granted perhaps a few moments alone from tie to time. Better too for him to remember me riding at his side with his cause as my cause, my hand and heart as his, my gun and will at his service. How could I bear the shame of my hurt anger in Albuquerque resurfacing as it surely would in those circumstances.

The only plans I made were with my priest, to grant me the last rights at the proper time. I made my confession, received absolution. In the end, it was bitterly cold. He could not be present after all.

There were four people present at my funeral. Four. The good people at the hotel took a small collection to hold the service, to bury my body. But the ground was too hard to dig the grave in the cemetery and they had to bury my body in the easier ground lower down. A flood that year - spring run-off - dissolved and collapsed the hill above my resting-place and my body was lost.

My body was lost, but not my soul, for Gabriel came for me - the Angel of Death, who had marked my lip and followed me all my life, close as my own heartbeat.

Name: John H. Holliday, DDS.
Fandom: History.
Word Count: 361
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Charloft. Wednesday. Pride.

Pride is a virtue. In pride, we set high expectations for ourselves. The opposite of pride is shame. Pride demands that we strive not to disappoint ourselves, with whom we spend all our waking hours. Pride is not weakness nor vying for power nor passive smugness with mediocrity. It is struggle to master ourselves, and the honour of success, without other reward or recognition. Pride demands we act in such a way that we may hold our heads high. Pride is active and dynamic, a way of being in the world. Pride is ability and competency. Pride is a virtue.
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